Tuesday, May 31, 2011

cheslea show gardens 2011

We managed to spare an afternoon last week to pop down to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and have a look at this year's offerings form the world of garden design. Well - we can report this years colours are definitely purple and blue with lots of foxgloves. Very pleased to see our plant of the week#1  figured in many designs - just ahead of our time i guess. 

We will attempt to do a more thorough run through of some of the show gardens over the coming days / weeks - watch this space!  

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  1. Fourth photo down leaps out at me as the Australian garden. Just checked out the video, and it's interesting that while Jim Fogarty is trying to show the variety of ecosystems in microcosm, the effect on me is "this is the garden of a homesick Aussie!" It will certainly make any visiting Aussies homesick!