Friday, November 18, 2011

Landscape Institute awards for HTA

HTA's Stevenage Town Centre Gardens and Great Lines Heritage Park were both winners at yesterdays Landscape Institute annual awards.

Stevenage Town Centre Gardens  was winner of the Heritage & Conservation Award whilst Great Lines Heritage Park won the Local Landscape Planning Award and was also highly commended in the Heritage & Conservation category.

The judges said of the Great Lines Heritage Park 'A well researched and coherent vision, with a wide range of options for future us. This is an innovative response to an unsafe and inaccessible site, and is a project deserving of professional recognition'

And of the  Town centre Gardens ' A landmark project in terms of recognising the importance of post-war design. It is a sophisticated but modest approach that is faithful to the principles of the original design. The judges particularly liked the retro play area.’’

You can find a full write up on the event here

Images of the completed Town Centre Gardens Stevenage and Great Lines Heritage Park Chatham 



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