About HTA

HTA Landscape Design

HTA landscape design is part of HTA - designers to the regeneration and housing sectors.

We are landscape architects specialising in the design great places for regeneration, housing, parks and public realm projects.

We offer a dedicated and landscape design service to our clients and work with a range of public and private sector organisations. We engage closely with the client, stakeholders and the community throughout the design to exceed clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations, build consensus and inspire a sense of pride and ownership in local people.

We believe in harnessing nature to provide value, to create a truly symbiotic relationship between people and nature, sustaining and improving bio-diversity whilst simultaneously increasing amenity and enjoyment for people.

We create designed landscape environments that are contextual in character and appearance that respect cultural heritage are robust and long lasting and are always biodiverse, inspiring and animated.


HTA is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy to the residential development and regeneration sectors.

Based in
London and Edinburgh, UK, we have designed sustainable housing schemes all over the UK and elsewhere in the world, including Australia, China, India and the Mediterranean region of Europe.

Consultancy services are available from our in-house disciplines individually or in combination.

For further information:

Please contact James Lord,

Director HTA Landscape Design,


Or visit www.hta.co.uk/landscape